Ken Pratt

Author of the
#1 best-selling
Matt Bannister

There is always ‘Hope’ and that is the purpose of my books.”

Feature Release

A love story based on lies and an outlaw gang of murderers and thieves...

It’s 1884, and Audrey Butler is a twenty-nine-year-old mail-order bride who has accepted a marriage proposal to a man named Alan Sperry in Natoma, Oregon. Deciding to leave home, she embarks on a journey she’s sure will change her life forever. But upon her arrival, Audrey is welcomed into a home, unlike the one she expected. And the nice Christian man she thought she was writing to…is a work of fiction. Meanwhile, Matt Bannister finds trouble in Branson, Oregon as a member of the Dielschneider family dedicates himself to taking Bannister’s fifteen-year-old niece as his wife and—on his quest to...