Bella’s Dance Hall

Bella's Dance Hall Matt Bannister Cover

Will two people torn between justice and mercy find redemption?

Welcome to Bella’s Dance Hall, where Christine Knapp found a career dancing and singing after her husband and child died along the Oregon trail.

Three years after this devastating loss, Christine is ready to find love again. Drawn to U.S. Marshall Matt Bannister at first sight but still heartbroken at the loss of her husband, Christine meets Kyle Lenning, Matt’s brother-in-law. Tragedy strikes once again during a group date, however, and Kyle is killed, leaving Christine with a stained reputation and a blackmailer.

With the town’s immoral sheriff taking the opportunity to accuse Christine of murder in order to force her into doing their wicked will, Christine has no hope of escape. At the 11th hour, about to sell her very soul to the most powerful men in Branson, Matt Bannister arrives at her door.

Will he demand justice for the death of his sister’s husband, or rescue her from a horrible fate? Find out in book 3 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian Western series.

Published: February 27, 2019