Dragon’s Fire

Dragon's Fire Matt Bannister Cover

With no promise of tomorrow, the desperation grows...

Wu-Pen Tseng is not getting the respect he craves, but he’s come up with an operation he calls “Dragon’s Fire” to fix that.

Dragon’s Fire has three goals, and with all three fulfilled, Wu-Pen is ready with a compassionate smile, shelter, and food for the families of the now missing miners trapped in the Slater Silver Mine. His satisfaction is threatened, though, when U.S. Deputy Marshall Matt Bannister begins an investigation. Matt follows the evidence into Chinatown, where suspicion leads him to his prime suspect: Wu-Pen.

Five-hundred-feet underground, inside the mountain, Joe Thorn is the only uninjured survivor of the sabotaged mine. As U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister once again goes head-to-head with Wu-Pen, Joe is forced to make a lifesaving decision with only what he can find to save his fellow miner.

Four men work together through their injuries and fears to stay alive and care for their most injured man. With no promise of tomorrow and a heavy load of regrets, will the men emerge from the mine with a whole new outlook on life? Find out in book 10 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series.


Published: March 18, 2021