Legacies of Spring

Legacies of Spring Matt Bannister Cover

“A five-star masterpiece of heartwarming western folklore.”

The weekend of the community Spring Fling dance is normally a time to celebrate, but for Roger and Martha King it becomes a weekend of weakness and suffering, the consequences and shame of betrayal, and perhaps the hope of forgiveness. Meanwhile, U.S. Marshall Matt Bannister’s weekend of celebration is interrupted by the arrival of his old friend Marvin Aggler, a pair of cowboys, and the manhunt for two escaped fugitives.

Marvin had picked up two cowboys looking for work along the way – Elias Redding and Jude Maddox. All seems well until Jude learns that Truet Davis is a U.S. Deputy Marshal in town. Arrested for the murder of three men, Elias and Jude escape from jail with the help of a small-time thief who leads the two killers to the Sperry home in Natoma.

What starts as a manhunt for two escaped killers leads Matt and Truet to Natoma, where an act of betrayal finds Matt and the outlaw Morton Sperry working together to bring the two fugitives to justice in book 11 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series.

The legacies of spring are the character and faith of a good man.

Published: July 14, 2021