Prairieville Matt Bannister Cover

Will Matt Bannister find the truth behind a rising body count before time runs out?

Welcome to Prairieville, the town more deadly than anyone ever expected.

U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister and his Cousin William Fasana are headed to the distant, unknown town of Prairieville to solve a murder that no one else can.

Railroad tycoon Louis Eckman and his wife are robbed on their way to Branson, in the Blue mountains outside of Prairieville. Shortly after, Louis and the driver are murdered, and the local sheriff is coming up short. While in town for the investigation, Matt meets fourteen-year-old Tiffany Foster, who is mourning her father’s death. As this relationship grows, Matt learns that everything is not as it seems, and that Tiffany might have answers.

In book six in the Matt Bannister Christian Western series, Matt hunts for the truth behind a growing body count and the deceptions of a wicked family.

Published: December 16, 2019