Return to Willow Falls

Return to Willow Falls Matt Bannister Cover

Sometimes, you must sweep the chimney clean of past fires before you can start a new flame

Return to Willow Falls, Where Matt Bannister must come face to face with his painful past.

U.S. Marshal Matthew Bannister finds the tide of public opinion turned against him in the seventh installment of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian Western series. After finding the men responsible for the brutal murder of two Chinese immigrants and the scourging of a third, the truth becomes twisted and those who have reason to dislike Matt turn the mining community against him – with destructive consequences.

Meanwhile, Matt’s bitter side comes out when his father, Floyd Bannister, comes to town unexpectedly. Wanting nothing to do with his father, Matt makes his thoughts known, and Floyd, though heartbroken, agrees to leave him alone.

Tiffany Foster, who Matt brought back from Prairieville, tells her friend Gabriel Smith that Matt is his real father.
The U.S. Marshall is caught off guard when, after confronting his parents, Gabriel runs away to Branson to confront Matt. Though caught off guard, Matt learns a great lesson: that he and his father have more in common than he realized.

Published: February 19, 2020