Slater’s Gold

Slater's Gold Matt Bannister Cover

Greed, violence, and mayhem never end well, but that’s what happens when nothing you have is ever enough.

The Slaters strike gold on someone else’s claim, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep it all for themselves. Murder, violence, and unspeakable deception aren’t enough to keep Mr. Slater’s rampage and thirst for money at bay. But what will happen when U.S. Deputy Marshall Matt Bannister is called into town on a mission to quell the miners’ strike and a feud brewing between neighbors?

When Matt is accused of a heinous crime he couldn’t have committed, and arrests a man for murder only to see him released later, Matt knows this job might keep him from making it to the altar with his beloved Christine.

Corruption abounds in the Old West, and here in Branson it falls to Matt to fix it. Can he stop a greedy miner and a private police force made up of vicious outlaws?

Join U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister in book 13 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series as he stands up for what’s right in a world that rarely does.

Published: March 30, 2022