The Eckman Exception

The Eckman Exception Matt Bannister Cover

Death, kidnapping and lies are just the start

Welcome to Branson, Oregon, where not everything is as it seems.

U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister has returned to Branson to identify two dead bodies burned in a cabin as Catherine Eckman and her husband Nathan Webster. Enter Pick Lawson, a man who does not trust Marshal Bannister and is on a mission to prove Matt is lying for his own personal gain.

Meanwhile, Matt Bannister is looking forward to spending the weekend with Felisha Conway, an old friend on her way to town for a wedding. Plans get turned upside down when his dear friend Christine goes missing, and he finds himself under investigation by a Pinkerton Detective for intentionally misleading the missing persons case of Catherine Eckman.

Death, kidnapping and lies are just the start in book five of the best-selling Christian western series by Ken Pratt!

Published: July 17, 2019