The Leather Man’s Journal


Never judge a person by the leather of their skin

But that’s exactly what the entire town of Branson, Oregon does. When a stranger comes to town dressed in leather and behaving strangely, he’s immediately shunned by the local residents. Yet when he sees a young girl thrown from a bridge, he jumps in to save her. And what does he get for his efforts?

Either way, he’s still being blamed for little Hannie’s death when the circus comes into town for Independence Day. As the town’s excitement grows, so does that of a few ruffians looking for a new start. Unfortunately for them, the circus wolfman notices their suspicious behavior and reports it to U.S. Marshall Matt Bannister.

Determined to set things right, Matt joins in on the hunt for the killer. But what if the estranged vagabond everyone thinks murdered Hannie isn’t the real culprit—no matter what eyewitnesses say?

While the entire town mourns the loss of a young girl taken from this world before her time, Matt refuses to halt in his search for the truth. Even if it’s a reality no one wants to accept…

Return to the world of U.S. Marshall Matt Bannister In book 14 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series

Published: July 5, 2022