The Wolves of Windsor Ridge

The Wolves Of Windsor

Sometimes, it’s safer to trust a pack of wolves than a man.

Welcome to Windsor Ridge, where Adam Bannister is led by a huge wolf – straight into the blurred lines of battle.

Adam Bannister is elk hunting in the southern Wallowas when he encounters the largest wolf he’s ever seen. Determined to hunt it, he follows the wolf over Windsor Ridge – and into the direct path of bank robbers and what’s left of a doomed posse.

Nathan Peirce is hiding from an unjust bounty in Loveland, a small logging community in the treacherous Wallowa Mountains of Oregon, when the Loveland bank is robbed. Nathan is asked to join the local posse being led by the town’s incompetent sheriff and a brooding stranger forced to help track the robbers.

One man is a serial killer, another is one of the most wanted men in the west. A gang of bank robbers and the brother of the U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister find themselves in the middle of a battle between the best and worst of mankind in book 4 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series.

Published: March 21, 2019