Willow Falls

Willow Falls Matt Bannister Cover

Sometimes God’s greatest blessing is unanswered prayer.

Welcome to Willow Falls, the town young Matthew Bannister ran away from fifteen years before.

Now a famed U.S. Deputy Marshall, Matt Bannister is coming home to reconcile with his family. He prayed he wouldn’t see his childhood best friend, Tom Smith, or the only girl he ever loved: Tom’s wife, Elizabeth. But old, unsettled feuds spark a powder keg of action when the desperate Moskin Gang kidnap Elizabeth, leaving a murderous trail behind them.

In anguish, Tom, the Willow Falls sheriff, turns to his despised former-friend to help get the woman they both love back alive- if they can.

Join U.S. Marshall Matt Bannister in book 1 of Ken Pratt’s bestselling Christian western series.

Published: December 5, 2018